Number of Articles: 191
103. Raising Power Quality and Improving Reliability by Distribution Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Renewable Energy Sources

Volume 4, Issue 14, Summer 2015, Pages 29-38

Mohamad Taghi Babajani BaghmisheZad; Hosein NasirAghdam

105. Effect of Intelligent Vehicle Networks On Roadways Safety

Volume 4, Issue 16, Winter 2016, Pages 29-34

Mohammad Yahaghifar; Asghar Charmin

106. The Novel Control Method for Photovoltaic Converter to the National Grid

Volume 5, Issue 17, Spring 2016, Pages 29-40

ParisaAlipour Alipour; MahdiSalimi Salimi

107. Gait Generation for a Bipedal System By Morris-Lecar Central Pattern Generator

Volume 5, Issue 18, Summer 2016, Pages 39-46

sahar Farshbaf Rashidi; Mohammad-Reza Sayyed Noorani; Maryam Shoaran; Ahmad Ghanbari

108. Ventilator with a capnograph smart sensors

Volume 5, Issue 19, Autumn 2016, Pages 31-38

Nasrin Hoseini Majd; Homayun Ebrahimian

109. Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV,DSR, TORA and OLSR Routing Protocols in MANET Using OPNET

Volume 6, Issue 22, Summer 2017, Pages 27-34

Elham NesabGharamaleki; s.Hossein Hosseini Nejad

110. Design and Miniaturization of a Novel Fractal Microstrip Antenna for UWB Applications

Volume 6, Issue 21, Spring 2017, Pages 35-42

Zeynab Zohrabi; yashar zehforoosh

111. Analysis and Simulation of an Augmentated DC-DC Converter With the Ability to Remove the Flow of Input Stream

Volume 5, Issue 20, Winter 2017, Pages 27-38

Faezeh Ebrahimzadeh1; Ebrahim Babaei

112. Evaluate The Behavior of PIN infrared detector via COMSOL software

Volume 6, Issue 23, Autumn 2017, Pages 27-32

sevda qaribzadeh; Majid Qandchi

113. Face Detection at the Low Light Environments

Volume 6, Issue 24, Winter 2018, Pages 29-37

Mehdi Asadzadeh; Arash Rikhtegar

115. Diagnosis of brain tumor using image processing and determination of its type with RVM neural networks

Volume 7, Issue 26, Summer 2018, Pages 35-48

elahe alipoor azar; Nasser Lotfivand

116. Designing a Multiband Multi Polarization BTS Antenna

Volume 7, Issue 27, Autumn 2018, Pages 33-38

amir bakhshi; ali pourziad

118. An overview of aircraft control procedures in the presence of operator failure

Volume 8, Issue 29, Spring 2019, Pages 53-58

Saeed Barghandan; Masoud Solouki

119. Electronical and Mechanical System Modeling of Robot Dynamics Using a Mass/Pulley Model

Volume 2, Issue 7, Autumn 2013, Pages 34-43

Ata olah Rajabpour; amir Zarei; arezoo Rajabpour; Fatemeh Ahmadi

120. Temperature Effect on THz Quantum Cascade Lasers

Volume 2, Issue 6, Summer 2013, Pages 26-32

Aida Gholami; Hassan Rasooly

122. The Intelligent Modeling of Human Hand Motion Using Magnetic Based Techniques

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 40-47

M Asghari; M. A Badamchizadeh; M. E Akbari