Number of Articles: 191
26. New CMT-SCTP with increased speed of data transmission

Volume 7, Issue 26, Summer 2018, Pages 1-9

zahra hamrahi; jalil jabari lotf; maryam hamrahi

27. A Comparison between OTC and P&O MPPT Control Methods Applied to Small Sized Wind Power Plants

Volume 7, Issue 27, Autumn 2018, Pages 1-15

Shirmohammadi ramin; Ali ajami

29. Comparative study of computer simulation softwares

Volume 8, Issue 29, Spring 2019, Pages 1-19

fatemeh fakhar

30. Design and simulation of a fast SAW waveguide with Comsol software

Volume 8, Issue 29, Spring 2019, Pages 21-24

Hadi Amos; Majid Ghandchi

31. Analysis of Multi-Robots Transportation with Multi-objective PSO Algorithm in an Artificial Capital Market

Volume 2, Issue 7, Autumn 2013, Pages 8-15

Davod Ashiany; Seied Hosein Sadati; Abdolreza Sadighmanesh

32. A New Design of Photonic Crystal Filter and Power Splitter Based on Ring Resonators

Volume 2, Issue 6, Summer 2013, Pages 5-8

Reza Ghavidel Barsary; Alireza Andalib; Hamed Alipour-Banaei

34. A PSO-Based Static Synchronous Compensator Controller for Power System Stability Enhancement

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 18-25

Meisam Mahdavi; Ali Nazari; Vahid Hosseinnezhad; Amin Safari

37. Improvement of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) in Artificial Heart Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 2013, Pages 9-15

Majid Neshat Yazdi; Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam

38. Digital Watermarking Technology in Different Domains

Volume 3, Issue 9, Spring 2014, Pages 12-17

Maryam Hamrahi

40. Reinforcement Learning Based PID Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Volume 3, Issue 10, Summer 2014, Pages 8-15

Mohammad Esmaeil akbari; Noradin Ghadimi

42. An Evolutionary Method for Improving the Reliability of Safetycritical Robots against Soft Errors

Volume 3, Issue 12, Winter 2015, Pages 8-17

Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh; Bahman Arasteh

44. Design and Analyses of a PWM based Seven Level CascadeCombination Inverter

Volume 4, Issue 14, Summer 2015, Pages 9-18

Mortaza Sefidi; Mehdi Jarahi

45. Monitoring Pipe-Wall Corrosion Rate by Ultrasonic Technique

Volume 4, Issue 15, Autumn 2015, Pages 13-23

Behzad Esmaeili Aghdam; Hossein Nasir Aghdam

46. Presenting a Novel Algorithm to Optimal Designing Power Distribution Network in the Presence of DG

Volume 4, Issue 16, Winter 2016, Pages 9-22

Amir Rahimi; Hossein Nasiraghdam

47. Navigation of a Mobile Robot Using Virtual Potential Field and Artificial Neural Network

Volume 5, Issue 17, Spring 2016, Pages 11-20

Mohsen Ashourian; Mohammad J. Rastegari; Amirhassan Monadjemi

49. Adaptive Inverse Control of Flexible Link Robot Using ANFIS Based on Type-2 Fuzzy

Volume 5, Issue 19, Autumn 2016, Pages 11-19

Saeed Barghandan; Mohammad Esmael Akbari; Hamid Ghadiri

50. Generating Optimal Timetabling for Lecturers using Hybrid Fuzzy and Clustering Algorithms

Volume 6, Issue 21, Spring 2017, Pages 9-25

hamed babaei; amin hadidi