Modeling a Bank ATM with Two Directions Places Timed Petri Net (TPN)



A Bank ATM is including controller, card authorization system and a teller unit .This paper explains how
this parts connects together. In this paper will be used of a new mode place in Petri nets. More systems
usually have a complex constructs. ATM will be simulated use of new mode place at this study. The Main
part of this model is used of T.S.Staines model [1]. We discuss how a simple model of T.S.Staines model
be used for new model in this study. At this work will be added money teller unit that was discussed in
T.S.Staines model. Each main components of the system are identified and built using Petri Nets. The
final Model is live and exhibits repetitive, consistent behavior. The work presented here is continue of last
work and can be further developed.