Ultra Wideband Fabric-Based Slot Antenna on Human Body for Medical Application



In this paper a new UWB textile slot antenna has been designed with high precision. This work aimed to make
closer steps towards real wearability by investigating the possibilities of designing wearable UWB antenna where
textile materials are used for the substrate as well as the conducting parts of the designed antenna. The antenna is
composed of three textile layers: the top and bottom are conducting layers and the third layer is a textile dielectric
layer and sandwiched between these two conducting layers. The developed antenna offers flexible, light-weight and
bendable properties, and can be easily incorporated into clothing using a simple iron-on adhesive process. The ironon
process allows for the fabric to be washed without losing its adhesion. The antenna shows better than 13 dB return
loss and peak gain 5±2 dB over FCC UWB from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. The antenna’s overall size is 5mm×5mm.