Finite Element Method Application in Analyzing Magnetic Fields of High Current Bus Duct


The goal of paper is to present the magnetic field calculations in high current bus ducts. Finite
element method is used to do this. Bus ducts under study have figure such as circle area. The
calculations will be using mathematical relations, meshed geometric shape and analyzing them.
Geometric mean will help us to determine the value of magnetic field. COMSOL software is applied
for simulation studies. Calculations have been analyzed in three phase state and also, simulations are
implemented into the three dimensional position. Demonstration procedure and numerical
calculations are used for presentation the front of view of bus duct. Skin effect and connection
configuration between bus ducts are considered in the calculations. Aforementioned method can be
used in the magnetic fields analyzing in transmission lines and electrical energy link which consist of
insulator, easily. Typical bus duct which is applied in simulation studies produced by a pars generator
corporation, it has been installed in Ardebil substation.


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