Multi Objective Optimization Placement of DG Problem for Different Load Levels on Distribution Systems with Purpose Reduction Loss, Cost and Improving Voltage Profile Based on DAPSO Algorithm


Along with economic growth of countries which leads to their increased energy requirements,
the problem of power quality and reliability of the networks have been more considered and
in recent decades, we witnessed a noticeable growing trend of distributed generation sources
(DG) in distribution networks. Occurrence of DG in distribution systems, in addition to
changing the utilization of these systems, has provided the opportunity for these companies to
be able to design systems with lower costs. In this paper, the problem of placement and
capacity determination of DG were carried out using multiple methods. The main objectives
of issue were improving the voltage profile, losses reduction and reduce the cost of operation
that were carried out based on an economic function. Using the multiple methods to improve
some purposes and utilization of weighting coefficients provided an appropriate plan.
DAPSO algorithm was used for optimization and various experiments carried out on real


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