Modeling of VANET Technology & Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols Based on High Performance Random Waypoint Models


Today, one of the new technologies in the modern era is Vehicular Ad-hoc Network which has taken
enormous attention in the recent years. Because of rapid topology changing and frequent disconnection
makes it difficult to design an efficient routing protocol for routing data between vehicles, called V2V or
vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to roadside infrastructure, called V2I. Designing an efficient
routing protocol has taken significant attention because existing routing protocols for VANET are not
efficient to meet every traffic scenario. For this reason it is very necessary to identify the pros and cons of
routing protocols as well as simulation of protocols is essential to understand existing routing protocols
behavior. In this research paper, we focus on VANET topology based routing protocols and also measure
the performance of two on-demand routing protocols AODV & DSR in the random waypoint scenario.


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