Multi Objective Allocation of Distributed Generations and Capacitor Banks in Simultaneous


This paper has developed a novel multiobjective function for optimal sizing and sitting of
Distributed Generation (DG) units and capacitor banks in simultaneous mode to improve reliability
and reduce energy losses. The proposed function consists of four objectives: Cost of Energy Not
Supplied (CENS), System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), costs of energy loss and
investment. A novel structure has been suggested for Differential Evolutionary Algorithm (DEA) to
solve this nonlinear complex problem and its results compared with related values of genetic
algorithm and simple DEA. In addition to the novel objective function, the other contribution of this
work is proposing a new model for load and energy cost. Three types of DGs, i.e., wind turbine,
solar cell and diesel generator have been employed in placement process. To verify the
comprehensiveness of the proposed function, three scenarios have been introduced: Scenario i)
First, placement of DGs, then capacitor banks, Scenario ii) First, placement of capacitor banks,
and then DGs, and Scenario iii) simultaneous placement of DGs and capacitor banks. Simulations
have been carried out on one part of practical distribution network in Metropolitan Tabriz in North
West of Iran. The results of simulations have been discussed and analyzed by using of the five novel
indices. The obtained simulation results using proposed function shows that the simultaneous
placement of distributed generations and capacitor banks results in more reduction of the energy
losses, and increase improvements of reliability indices as well as voltage profile.


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