Implementation of VlSI Based Image Compression Approach on Reconfigurable Computing System - A Survey



Image data require huge amounts of disk space and large bandwidths for transmission. Hence, image
compression is necessary to reduce the amount of data required to represent a digital image. Therefore
an efficient technique for image compression is highly pushed to demand. Although, lots of compression
techniques are available, but the technique which is faster, memory efficient and simple, surely hits the
user requirements. In this paper, the image compression, need of compression, its principles, how image
data can be compressed, and the image compression techniques are reviewed and discussed. Also,
wavelet-based image compression algorithm using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) based on B-spline
factorization technique is discussed in detail. Based on the review, some general ideas to choose the best
compression algorithm for an image are recommended. Finally, applications and future scopes of image
compression techniques are discussed considering its development on FPGA systems.


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