Technical possibility assessment of creating wind power station at Soltanieh zone of Zanjan province



Due to increasing expansion of energy consumption and also the decrease and tendency towards
ending fossil energy reserves, the current energy cycle needs to use alternative energy specially
wind energy, because it’s considerably cheaper than other recycling sources. The present
research investigates suitable possibility of exploiting wind energy to create wind power station
in Soltanieh zone of Zanajn province by considering technical cases. Some researches have been
carried out on possibility assessment, measurement and comparison of power density. In
technical possibility investigation, several turbines were investigated to calculate obtainable
annual energy capacity coefficient of each turbine. Then these were compared to select the best
type of turbine. According to the results, wind turbine owned by Vestas Company, model V100,
rated power of 1800 kW and capacity coefficient of 33.1% was selected as the best turbine.


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