Direct Exact Feedback Linearization based control of the of the Output Voltage in the Minimum phase DC-DC Choppers



In this paper, a novel approach for control of the DC-DC buck converter in high-power and low-voltage applications is proposed. Designed method is developed according to state feedback linearization based controller , which is able to stabilize output voltage in a wide range of operation. It is clear that in high-power applications, parasitic elements of the converter may become comparable with load value and hence, in this paper all of the converter parasitic elements are modeled during development of the controller and the state feedback coefficients, are optimized using the optimal control theory. In order to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed method, designed controller is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink toolbox. Presented simulation result proves that the developed controller has acceptable dynamic and steady-state responses. The controller is robust to the load variation and variety of parameters


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