The Combinational Use Of Knowledge-Based Methods and Morphological Image Processing in Color Image Face Detection

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1 Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering

2 Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering,


The human facial recognition is the base for all facial processing systems. In this work a basic
method is presented for the reduction of detection time in fixed image with different color levels.
The proposed method is the simplest approach in face spatial localization, since it doesn’t
require the dynamics of images and information of the color of skin in image background. In
addition, to do face recognition, there is no need for the existence of image. For the extraction of
facial features, the combination of knowledge-based and morphological image processing
methods is utilized, which has a high accuracy, compared to other methods. The proposed
method is analyzed by MATLAB software and tested on different images which demonstrated
high accuracy and efficiency of the method.