Generation Scheduling in Large-Scale Power Systems with Wind Farms Using MICA

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Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering


The growth in demand for electric power and the rapid increase in fuel costs, in whole of the
world need to discover new energy resources for electricity production. Among of the nonconventional
resources, wind and solar energy, is known as the most promising devices
electricity production in the future. In this thesis, we study follows to long-term generation
scheduling of power systems in the presence of wind units considering demand response
programs for a power generation system with the conventional structure containing 10 units of
thermal power plants, 2 units of large-scale wind farms, with regard to demand response
programs. In this study, the model of equation order 2, used to model the cost of thermal power
plants. Due to the apparent wind farm modeling of wind speed in the months of the year has been
used the productivity of each month. For modeling the demand, response of the concept of virtual
generation demand resources is used and production costs of the final objective function are
applied. All simulations, performed in MATLAB. The results showed that the cost of basic state
allocated more values by itself, by considering responding load would be happened the cost
reduction and the amount of this reduction changes with participation value and increases
amount of lower cost by increasing participation value.