Proposing an Efficient Software-Based Method for Enhancing the Reliability of Critical Application Robot

Document Type: Original Article


Robots play such remarkable roles in humans’ modern lives that performing many tasks without them is
impossible. Using robotic systems is gradually increasing the tasks allocated to them and they are becoming
more complex and critical. Software reliability is one of the most significant requirements of robots. For
enhancing reliability, systems should be inherently designed to be tolerable of soft errors. In this study, via
software, a method was proposed to enhance the reliability of the software embedded within robots against
soft errors with minimum efficiency overhead. In as much as the research method was based on experiment,
a set of programs was used as benchmarks. Indeed, errors were injected at the execution time of programs
for evaluating them. The data related to the execution behavior of the programs were accumulated and then
were analyzed. Simplescaller simulation software was used for investigating program behavior in the
presence of the injected error. [2]