Modeling of Nonlinear Systems with Friction Structure Using Multivariable Taylor Series Expansion

Document Type : Original Article


The major aim of this article is modeling of nonlinear systems with friction structure that, this
method is essentially extended based on taylore expansion polynomial. So in this study, the
taylore expansion was extended in the generalized form for the differential equations of the statespace
form. The proposed structure is based on multi independent variables taylore extended.
According to the proposed method, in order to extract state-space form modeling, it is needed to
some samples of the measured value of system states and/or their combination. Then, the matrix
of measured values and response vectors of derived states were forming by these measured value
of system states. By use of the presented equations and the measured values, the coefficients of
polynomials were calculated as the model of state-space of studied nonlinear system. The result
of proposed simulation using proposed algorithm show, that it is importable having an
independent information system under test to system identification. A few suggestion were
proposed to decrease of the dependence of the measured samples, the results of algorithm with
different parameters show that proposed algorithm perform better. Of course in during the
evaluation of algorithm, the results of different experimental were used.