Place Finding and Optimizing the Determination of Production Units Dynamically for Providing the Electricity and Heat in Industrial City

Document Type: Original Article


In this article the place and capacity of combined heat and power [CHP] prediction unit was
determined dynamically with use of modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO). It was done in
optimization palace and with a capacity of CHP as a production resource with the aim to increase
the reliability capacity. Decrease the loss and provide the electrical and thermal energies of
industrial city. The function of the optimization to the interest of CHP usage was described on its
cost. It was considered as the cost of investments, operation, and Repair and keeping the CHP
units in the function. It was proposed that load distribution and limits of CHP production be seen
as units’ condition as optimization issue condition. The problem was described as dynamic
programming and it was used based on the interests of programming and inflation annually in the
determined and thermal energies’ price. The simulation results show the positive effects of CHP
units in the electrical energy production of industrial city.