Proposing an Efficient Software-based Method to Enhance Reliability of Computer Systems against Soft Errors

Document Type: Original Article


In recent years, along with rapid developments in technology, computer systems have
increasingly become more integrated and more modular. Indeed, the reliability and efficiency of
computer systems are of high significance. Hence, the quantitative evaluation of the optimization
of reliability indexes in computer systems is considered to be a crucial issue. Reliability
enhancement of computer systems against electromagnet and radiation interferences is a critical
requirement in industries. Enhancing reliability can prevent system failure and fault and avoid
financial and humanistic losses. Accordingly, software can play outstanding roles in reducing the
number of errors in software programs. Consequently, software can enhance the reliability of
computer systems. In this paper, an efficient software-based method was proposed to enhance the
reliability of computer systems against soft errors. The results of the experiments revealed that the
proposed method had lower overhead, higher efficiency and higher error coverage than the earlier methods.