Detection of Cardiac Hypertrophy by RVM and SVM Algorithms

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The meaning of the hypertropy word is the increasing size.Heart hypertropy is symptoms of increase the thickness of the heart muscle that the left ventricular hypertrophy of them is the most common.The causes of hypertrophy heart disease are high blood pressure , aortic valve stenosis and sport activities respectively. Assessment of that by using ECG signal analysis is essential Because the risk of heart disease, ventricular hypertrophy increase the timely diagnosis The ECG signal demonstrate heart electric activities and include some characteristic points such as P wave , QRS complex and the T wave is formed. In this thesis , an algorithm has been presented for assessment of diagnosis of ventricular hypertrophy . In The presented algorithm first picks of ECG signal has been assessed then a high degree of statistical information such as skewness،kurtosis،R peak height and cumulants also have been used .