Ventilator with a capnograph smart sensors

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Today, the world has witnessed increasing development in various fields, including industry and medicine. One of the best ways to achieve these objectives is the integration of different sciences including electronics, robotics and medicine. Ventilator set that provides respiratory function for patients get smarter and more capable than older generations, during mechanical ventilation to prevent problems that may arise for patients and threaten the patient's life. In this article we have tried to use various sensors to create a kind of intelligent ventilator and increase the safety and efficiency of this device. In other words, by integration of medical devices we have enhanced its reliability.
By using capnograph sensors and connecting it to the patient breathing circuit, it is possible that an increase in carbon dioxide in exhaled patient with the proper functioning and increased respiratory rate of the patient automatically and smart, the amount of gas in the exhaled air returns to normal. The use of pulse oximetry sensors can help us to measure oxygen saturation of arterial blood and in case of increase the normal value, by reducing the percentage of oxygen input, its value is adjusted and prevents the occurrence of oxygen poisoning.