A Novel Self-tuning Zone PID Controller for Temperature Control via a PLC code

Document Type: Original Article


Department of Mechatronics Engineering. Ahar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahar, Iran


S7-1200 with Tia Portal technology has become a Standard function of distributed control
systems. Self-Tuning methods belong to Programmable Controllers (PLC) techniques. PLC
techniques contain software packages for advanced control based on mathematical methods. S7-
1200 tools are designed to increase the Process Capacity, yield, and quality of products. Most of
the present time digital industry regulators and PLCs are provided with some kinds of the Self
Tuning constant algorithms. Practical part of the present paper deals with the design of the
control systems, which contain Self Tuning regulators and Zone PID features. A Control System
with PID Self Tuner is designed by Siemens along with visualization in Tia Portal to do so. There
is a description of an implementation of the PID regulator as a function block, which can also be
used for extension Zone PID control functions. Control Systems for relay and moment Self Tuner
with visualizations in Tia Portal are also designed and tested in ZAFAR Steel Plant, BONAB,