Design and Simulation of piezorestive pressure sensor for AFM Probe the displacement measurement

Document Type: Original Article


Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Ahar Branch, Ahar, Iran


investigating pressure applied in surface vertically that is done by use of mechanical procedures isn’t efficient to measure pressure applied in inner surface of reservoir or pipes having gas due to entering pressure into whole walls and different surfaces. So, in order to measure this kind of pressure, several studies were conducted in past decades and also various procedures were proposed that some of them had a mistake, benefits and faults.
At this paper, we designed and simulated structure titled as Piezo-resistor manometer by following proposed problem and employing Piezo's structures, then we investigated the effects of movement of this structure's probe to improve and linearize its output.
The results showed that, in addition to physical parameters like screen dimensions of manometer, county leaver length, apparent shape, probe dimensions and quality of each probe, load resistance has main effect on linearization of probe performance considering output voltage too.