Proposing an effective approach for Network security and multimedia documents classically using encryption and watermarking

Document Type: Original Article


1 ahar branch,islamic azad university

2 University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.

3 ahar branch, Islamic Azad University


Local binary pattern (LBP) operators, which measure the local contrast within a pixel's neighborhood, successfully applied to texture analysis, visual inspection, and image retrieval. In this paper, we recommend a semi blind and informed watermarking approach. The watermark has been built from the original image using Weber Law. The approach aims is to present a high robustness and imperceptibility with perfectly tamper detection zone. In this article, innovative image has been divided into blocks and the main pixel is chosen for watermark insertion, where the embedding/extraction operate in the spatial domain. Based on the experimental results, the imperceptibility and robustness of our watermarking approach are proven and showing perfectly the detection of the image.