Using New Techniques and Devices within the Set of Tiba Body Roller Hamming Robots

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2 Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Corporation


In this article, new techniques and technologies have been tried and tested in the installation and commissioning of Roller Home industrial robots, in order to produce a Tiba car with a focus on cost reduction. Due to the fact that press equipment for automobile parts requires a lot of expenses, it was decided to use robots with the same function of roller to reduce costs and increase the quality and increase the product variety. The Hamming roller robot can flexure the single-layer and multi-layer sheets, according to its structure and advantages, and then with a suitable and variable pressure at any point. To reduce the cost using the Devicenet network of Hamming roller robots in The production of the TB vehicle as a carrier carrier has also been used, which has reduced the cable, connectible equipment and carrier robots.