Optimal nonlinear control of flight faults in manned aircrafts in the presence of fault and failure of control actuato

Document Type: Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Ahar Branch, Islamic Azad University,Ahar, iran


Control actuators' faults are among the major reasons to lose aircraft control while flights. The plane dynamics is severely dependent upon faults and errors in flight control systems and if the reformed control order is not issued by the fault tolerant controller there would be unpleasant outcomes such as inconsistency and the reduction of system performance and some dreadful aerial accidents will occur. This research includes the presentation of a fault tolerant control technique based on nonlinear optimal control method using Rekaty equation related to the state. The characteristics of nonlinear optimal control method entail the possibility of novel aircraft modeling and restructuring of the control systems when a fault occurs and this increases the possibility of flight save. The two scenarios of error and failure include the reduction of elevator efficiency and the exclusion of aileron of a great business aircraft from being controlled and the optimal function of nonlinear method compared with linear optimal control. It is the first time that this technique is used in local research projects as a control method. The results of simulations proved the effectiveness of the proposed approach in consistency retrieval and the preservation of flight route. Several linear and nonlinear controllers have been planned and implemented to control the position and status of flights. During some recent decades and due to lack of ability in linear control systems, there has been extending developments in methods such as linearization with feedback, interest tabling, return to past method, slide mode control, adjustment control, Thus, the goal of the present research is to design a nonlinear controller with a resistant approach for the systems. Also the simulation results showed efficiency of the controllers in flight consistency and system direction. The goal of the present study is to know different aircrafts especially Boeing 100-747, to study about the actuators' failures and to investigate about different types of aerial disasters and their reasons, to know different controlling and comparing techniques with nonlinear control technique and to design active controllers using nonlinear techniques for a Boeing 747 flight aircraft.