Load frequency control of two-area interconnected power system using fuzzy logic control approach


Department of Electrical Engineering, Ahar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahar, Iran


Power systems are composed of power units that are constantly connected to each other and the electric power flux is constantly moving between them. All systems must be implemented in such a way that not only under normal conditions but also unwanted inputs or disturbances, are applied. It also remains stable or returns to a stable name at the earliest possible time. The fundamental factors of stability control in a power system are the frequency of different areas and the power flux between different areas. Now that the main goals of controlling stability in a system of power are expressed, they must be maintained by designing and implementing controllers of these indicators in their optimal range. In this study, the frequency control function is initially expressed. Subsequently, the design of several additional controller parameters is based on this algorithm and ultimately, by applying additional controllers designed on the simulated power system, the results of the effect of each of them on the faster loss of frequency oscillations will be discussed.